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Come on in and have a sneak peek into our family life at Nansledan. As a busy mum of three boys, moving to Nansledan was perfect for us, we had everything we needed on our doorstep and it had the community feel I had always wanted.

Not long after we moved here, we decided to take the leap and send our eldest son to Nansledan school. We were quickly reassured it was the right choice to have made, it’s a great school where our son has settled in and made many friends already, despite the interruption of a few months home schooling! We ourselves also found we quickly made close friends from the estate, this has created a comforting support system. Our children can make precious memories with friends just around the corner as part of this growing community.

We love to take after school walks down to the nearby meadows, exploring the nature trails bursting with wildflowers, butterflies and an array of wildlife; we also love walking down the country lanes watching the cows which always brings a smile to the children’s faces.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a family walk without popping into Lady vale or Shiva for a sweet treat and a coffee on the way home. We feel so lucky to have a great selection of small local businesses which we can support just a stones throw away. 

I hope you have enjoyed a little insight into our life in Nansledan, I look forward to showing you some of our home renovations and things we get up to as a family in the upcoming issues. In the meantime, check out my Instagram @inside_twentyone and follow our little family living life in beautiful Cornwall.

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Who doesn’t love any excuse to take some time for yourself? 
When I was asked if I would like to try Beautique UKs New chemical peel it sounded like the perfect chance to take some much needed ME time!

When I arrived I was welcomed by Ant who was very friendly and talked me through the consultation form. She then led me upstairs to the treatment room to explain how the peel worked. When having the treatment I felt totally at ease and relaxed throughout. Today my skin is feeling so Much fresher and I found my make up went on a lot easier!  I’m looking forward to seeing the results over the next few days.

What is a peel? 
Chemical peels are essential for maintaining and restoring skin’s health and appearance. These exfoliating treatments help resurface the uppermost layer of the skin to reveal new, healthy skin underneath. Chemical peels are available in a variety of formulations and concentrations to target various skin concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, enlarged pores, and uneven skin tone.

2nd November 2020
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Thankyou WTW cinemas for inviting us to watch Cats and dogs 3 Paws unite yesterday!

We had an absolutely fabulous time and the kids thought it was hilarious!

When entering the cinema you where met with a Sanitise station before collecting your tickets. 

The children picked there snacks and everything felt just as normal.

We wore our masks when in they foyer and when we went to the toilet but other than that when sat in the cinema it felt no different than it would before. 

I would highly recommend Visiting the cinema whether for a date night or evening with kids

It would also be a great alternative for Halloween as trickle treating is out the window but this would be just as much a treat!

Supporting your local cinema is so important at the moment so please give them a visit.

8th October 2020

Click here to check out what's on at WTW Newquay cinema

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Thankyou to Toyah, Rob and the team at The Bottle Newquay for a truly great night! Fresh produce, Delicious wine, Amazing service.If you are looking for somewhere to eat with a friendly local vibe or just somewhere to grab some cheese and wine to take home and enjoy this is the place!
Whether it’s for a girly evening or a date night I will definitely be returning!
Keep an eye on their Instagram page for some exciting events coming up in the near future! 

7th August 2020
Inside 21 1st August.jpg


Today we took a visit to the UKs first drive in circus, and what a treat it was!

We stopped at the pit stop for some treats then parked up ready for

the show!! 

The kids absolutely loved it! Thank you Paulos Circus for having us!

1st August 2020
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Wow what a beautiful day it was yesterday!

I worked in the morning then took the kids out for the afternoon to the bouncy castles,

That they have been asking about for weeks.

The hubby then met us and we ventured down to the harbour for an ice cream!

31st July 2020
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It’s not very often I sit and cook with the kids because quite frankly it stresses me out!

But on Saturday we made fresh pasta and it was great! The kids loved it and it kept them quite for over an hour!

Letting them use a knife was nerve racking but all fingers where intact at the end of the day!

21st July 2020
Inside 21 13th July.jpg


Yesterday I had the best day and ate way too much.

We had the amazing "Dine with Iris" come and set up this beautiful lunch.

All I can say is WOW!

13th July 2020
Inside 21 21st May.jpg


So this is now my favourite place in the house!

We sat out here till 8pm last night lapping up the sunshine and it was blooming lovely!

21st May 2020
Inside 21 16th May.jpg


Isn’t it funny how a lick of paint and a few sharpie drawings on a wall can completely transform a room.

This tiny downstairs bathroom for so long has been my most hated room of the house but now I can proudly say I made it pretty and I will be happy for a these eyes to be watching while I’m on the loo!😂

16th May 2020
Inside 21 15th May.jpg


Today we have a busy day painting, I’m in the bathroom painting sulking room and Dans outside painting part of the seating area!😁😁

So that’s exciting!

Went out for a lovely walk around the coast and even did a workout when I got home to today I feel like anything is possible!

15th May 2020
Inside 21 10th May.jpg


When the hubby just turns back up at home with an old copper water tank to turn in to a log burner! It becomes the project of the day!

Excuse the absolute state of my garden we have the rug outside to air it out and massive beanbags are the situation until we get some garden furniture but hey it's the reality right now!

10th May 2020
Inside 21 24th April.jpg


Let’s be honest there is no more than 20 Minutes of homeschooling (a phrase used very Loosely) going on in our household at the moment and most of that time is me trying to prise my 5 year old away from the Xbox and him trying to persuade me that it is the weekend so we don’t need to do it. So that’s fun!

24th April 2020
Inside 21 17th April.jpg


So much to be grateful for. If this horrible time has shown us anything is to appreciate the little things in life that bring us joy.


I love my family and I’m really enjoying us all being together but We are also really missing the rest of our family and all our friends but regular phone calls to them help and the main thing is we are all healthy

17th April 2020
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