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Capturing Cornwall

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Hugh Hastings

Since November last year it has been my pleasure to be commissioned by the Duchy of Cornwall to document the building of Nansledan, not just from the architecture and bricks and mortar viewpoint but also, and most importantly, from the community angle. I have learnt first hand that the Duchy has a genuine interest in artistic ventures like photography and is very keen to build a library of images of life in Nansledan showing how the community looks today and how it builds over the coming years.

This is very much a ‘people story’ so I am fortunate and grateful that everyone I have met

to-date in Nansledan has been welcoming, friendly and supportive of my job and this project. Of course life changed dramatically in March this year and I will be abiding strictly by the health guidelines with regard to future visits, nevertheless I did mange to visit Nansledan the day before the lockdown and some of these images were taken that day and show perhaps better than any other taken so far the life and great spirit of Nansledan.

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